Nariko’s Map

blue-bird-cover-smallJapan, 1562. Young Nariko longs for adventure while toiling away in her mother’s mercantile along the road to Tokyo. Tragedy strikes when Nariko and her friend narrowly survive a brutal samurai attack that leaves them orphaned and homeless. When all hope seems lost, they are saved by a mysterious woman named Chiyome, who promises them food and safety on her farm.

Deep in the mountains of Kai, the farm hides a secret: it is a training camp for an all-female ninja army. Along with a group of misfit girls, Nariko finds herself drawn back into the very war that tore her family apart, as she is haunted by unanswered questions about her past.

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Parental Guide

Age 13+. This book has fighting violence with slashing swords, piercing arrows, and some blood. Characters die, including the protagonist’s parents.

About the Book Series

Legends of the Kunoichi is a historical fiction adventure series set against the dramatic historical backdrop of medieval Japan. Featuring an ensemble of strong female characters, the stories are inspired by the legends of Chiyome Mochizuki, founder of a secret all-female ninja army.

About the Author

Alex Redwood likes swords, birds, and secrets in the forest. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two ninja children. He is probably not a spy, despite the fact that he is well versed in coding. Nariko’s Map is his first novel.